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Representative of the largest tension materials factory "MSD" and official partner of "PONGS" in Lithuania

The only printing opportunities in Lithuania
The guarantee of the highest quality not just in words
Not fake certificates
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The only printing options in Lithuania

UAB Dilesta is the only company that has a printer for tensioned materials - the drawing or photo is printed on the material tensioned according to the tensile percentages deducted by the printing program, so that the image retains the required dimensions and proportions during installation. Therefore, we can take full responsibility for the final product.

Top quality guarantee not just in words

Most stretch ceiling companies are chasing maximum profits. Therefore, you save by using not the best materials. We perform all work carefully and with high quality, according to all requirements. We use only the highest quality and most durable materials.

Not fake certificates

Photos can be faked by anyone these days. And we took a lot of time and took care of the real certificates. In Lithuania, almost no one could bring and show their certificates, because it is much easier to steal a photo of others
and photoshop it than to get your own.


We use DESCOR material, which is widely used not only in hospitals but also in schools or kindergartens. DESCOR PREMIUM is resistant to fungi and bacteria, is easy to maintain and ensures proper air circulation.

Non-standard surface ceilings

Most people think that a stretch ceiling can only be used on a standard, smooth surface ceilings. However, we can do the job with any surface.

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UAB Dilesta is the official partner of the German technical textile manufacturer Pongs in Lithuania.

Dilesta guarantees the highest quality of fabric and workmanship. The director of the company and several of its employees have had training in Germany and is certified by a Descor partner - technic and sales expert ’, and therefore particularly high quality tension systems of a certified manufacturer are installed in strict compliance with the manufacturer's technology.

it is an innovative tensioning system for interior ceiling and wall decoration. The technical fabric up to a width of 5.05 m is attached to the profile system and stretched along the perimeter of the room wall or ceiling.
These tension systems are ideal for public spaces from libraries to hospitals, as well as offices, industry, conference rooms, entertainment venues and private homes.
A large project, as much as 800 m2, was implemented on the 34th floor of the office of the international company AAL Group Ltd. in the UAE.

Pongs materials are a unique polyester fabric impregnated with polyurethane on both sides and resistant to moisture. It can be used in wet rooms - bathrooms, swimming pools.
Also a unique feature of this fabric is resistance to damage - when blocked by a tense fabric, it is quite difficult to damage, except for blows with a sharp object, it maintains a stable shape for a long time, does not last.
It is also important that this fabric can be cleaned and even dyed.

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"Pongs" counterfeits

The low price of the ceiling can impress almost anyone who wants to give their home an exceptional aesthetic, while saving on the investment required. However, if it is particularly small and much smaller than the prevailing market, there is a serious risk of acquiring counterfeits. In addition to the low cost, counterfeit stretch coating is very unsafe because it is not resistant to fire flames, it burns quickly. Also, the counterfeit product is quite easy to tear and less elastic, while the original has a high level of elasticity and stretches returns to its original position.
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