It is no coincidence that we have chosen this motto - it reflects the goals and aspirations of our company and accompanies us in our work. By choosing us, YOU will choose the organization and performance of professional work, the quality of work and materials, advice and solutions to emerging issues, guarantees and a wide range of services from one source! NES… responsibility, honesty, thoroughness, exclusivity, customer focus - these are the qualities that help us do our job at the highest level. 

WE PERFORM interior finishing works, install stretch ceilings and walls. All works are performed according to the customer's wishes, after signing the contract, we make a calculated estimate. We advise on decoration, interior design, selection of necessary materials. We are always looking for innovative and practical solutions that reduce our client's costs or fulfill ideas that are sometimes difficult to implement, even at first glance.

 STRETCH CEILINGS and WALLSare a unique finish, a great solution and unlimited possibilities for ceiling or wall design not only in the apartment or house, but also in the public sector: shops and their shop windows, offices, restaurants, cafes, commercial centers or concert halls. They will give your interior exclusivity, splendor, luxury, security, so you will be able to implement the most original and exclusive interior solution for your home, and also save time. 


We fulfill orders within 1-5 working days, depending on the size and complexity of the order.

DESCOR textiles

Descor seamless stretch ceiling / wall fabric is a brand of German PONGS and is made in Germany.

Descor stretch ceiling production and technology meet all European Union environmental and hygiene standards. Descor fabric is a solution for those who want exclusivity and excellent quality. This is a great base for photo printing - the image is sharp and of very good quality.

15-20 times stronger than PVC;
without joints, it can be as wide as 5.05 meters wide, so it is possible to install very large areas;
excellent sound and heat insulation;
non-flammable - the fabric only melts, so it is possible to hang luminaires of any wattage (test report no. 05-6- 1779 (MRA Dresden, Germany), under DIN 4102-B1);
the tensioned fabric will remain perfectly smooth at all times;
organic - has an A + certificate;
no condensation accumulates;
antistatic - does not stick to dust;
antibacterial (resistant to mold and fungi);
variety of colors and textures;
does not absorb odors;
durable, non-fading and easy to clean;
any image, drawing, ornaments can be transferred to the stretch ceiling using digital printing;
in the case of repairs, easily removed and reattached without losing its properties;
the fabric is installed without heating the room - it is relevant if there are objects in the room that are afraid of temperature fluctuations
the material changes its structure only when the temperature drops below -40 ° or rises above + 90 °, so it can be installed in unheated rooms.

"Descor Premium" fabric is 100% PES coated on both sides with polyurethane polymer,
"Descor Light" is 100% PES-FR, coated on one side with polyurethane polymer.
Rogue installers can install Descor Light for you instead of Descor Premium, which has different features and price. Inferior quality Chinese textile stretch fabrics have already appeared on the Lithuanian market, so don't be fooled into choosing.

With the advent of counterfeits on the market, the German manufacturer PONGS has started to mark the edges of its fabrics with the "PONGS" mark.
1. the inscription "D-PREMIUM MADE IN GERMANY" is printed every 20 and 80 cm
2. factory batch number - every 50 cm
3. every 10 cm and 1 m - a distance mark along the entire length of the roll
4. every 3m. a label is affixed to the other side of the fabric
5. QR code -QR code labels contain a variety of information that can be easily scanned by QR scanners, camera phones and smartphones.


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