Stretch ceiling installation work

Accurate geometrical dimensions of the room ceiling are required first. Matching profiles are selected. The wall to which the profiles for the suspended ceiling will be attached is measured. Fasteners and angles are installed along the entire perimeter of the room. Stretch ceiling installation - aluminum profiles are mainly used. A frame is formed when planning places for luminaires.

PVC stretch ceiling film is installed using a hot air gun. The color and type of stretch ceilings can be changed at any time. The frame is not replaceable, the same can be left. Replaceable only tension film. We can advise which lighting option is best for your project: lamps, LED lighting, photo printing for stretch ceilings.

No hot air is required for the installation of Descor material. We install in plastic profiles.

Types of stretch ceilings

Mirrored (glossy) stretch ceilings

Perfect for rooms with low ceilings. Visually lifts, expands the space and fills the room with extra light.

Stretch ceilings with photo printing

Unique stretch ceiling design for your room. Modern technology allows you to create an impressively beautiful image.

Satin stretch ceilings

A compromise between a classic matte and mirror surface. Satin reflects light very gently, and in the evenings fills the room with a cozy reflection.

Floating ceilings

Floating ceilings - the latest trend in the original ceiling design. They also have a practical function: such ceilings enlarge the room, visually enlarge the space, expand the boundaries of the premises

Multi-level stretch ceilings

The multi-stage construction and the play of shapes, colors, textures allow to create a new image of the room. Complex constructions allow to mask unwanted technical elements (beams, pipes, etc.)

Matte stretch ceilings

Matte textured ceilings are classic ceilings, at the same time suitable for any interior variant, for people who like peace.


The light-transmitting ceiling gives the room excellent lighting. The ceiling obscures the light source, so it seems that they illuminate the room.

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